Many, if not most, behaviour problems can be prevented through good socialisation. Socialisation covers a wide range of subjects these include aggression, noise phobias, separation anxieties, over-reactivity, fearfulness and much more. Many of which you will probably have worked on yourself with your dog. 


My 2nd Home can help your dog with, pack socialisation and how your dog should act around other dogs and humans. 

We have experience with both puppies and rescue/re homed dogs. 

My 2nd Home is run in a strict pack environment ensuring all the dogs are safe at all times.

Home Boarding & Doggy Daycare

We are not a kennels – The environment your dog will be in is truly a home from home. 

We only accept friendly, social dogs that have passed our entrance criteria and have been on a day’s trial, for both our Home Boarding and Doggy Day Care, so you can be sure that your dog will be safe with us. 

The day starts with a woodland walk for an hour or so, we also offer a shorter walk for the clients who are younger, older or just for whatever reason require less exercise. Once back and breakfast has been woofed down it’s pretty much the same as them being in their own home. They can rest in quiet areas or take advantage of the extra canine company and play with other like minded companions. In the afternoon it’s out for shorter walk and playtime (depending on the dogs requirements), back for dinner and if they are boarding a snuggle on the sofa.


Good manners – That’s what we want. 


To name but a few. To come when you’re called. To keep all four feet in the ground when you meet people. To walk gently on the lead. To walk away while we are eating. To only bark with good reason. To wait to be asked before walking through the doorway. 

You may be struggling with any of the above or an equally annoying bad manner. 


Most of what we call ‘basic’ training above is trained and expected of our regular day and boarding dogs. 

Please call us if you require a one to one consultation.

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