Health and Well-being 

They are what they eat. 

We supply CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds – and believe it is the best quality complete meal whilst also being extremely competitively priced. Although originally created as a working dog food it has proved invaluable to pet dog owners keeping their dogs healthy and fit whilst saving them money. All products use human consumption graded natural ingredients. 


All our prices are the same as CSJ’s online shop (sometimes even cheaper). Please visit their website or contact us for more nutritional information. 

Convalescing Dogs 


If your dog has an accident or routine surgery you don’t need to take time off work we can look after your loved one for you. 

Reiki for Dogs

Reiki For Dogs 


Dogs respond very well to Reiki healing – they seem to sense that the healer is helping them. Reiki is used on both physical and psychological levels it is totally natural, it releases stress, reduces anxiety, speeds up recovery after surgery or injury, complements all veterinary treatments and promotes natural balance.